What's in your work bag?

Working in trucking and freight transportation, you have a sense of how the world moves - and how you move the world. You have specific demands and standards. And, often, you speak in a very specific language.

You need a reliable source of news and information that understands you.

Transport Topics speaks your language. Our news coverage offers a closer look at all aspects of the business of trucking. With the help of Transport Topics, you will have the clarity to make good decisions as well as the confidence to ask questions, engage, and present with colleagues and business partners.


Weekly Newspaper

Transport Topics is a weekly publication (available in print and digital) featuring the latest freight transportation news and trends. Serving industry leaders with the business, government, and equipment insights they need to succeed in trucking since 1935.

Top Industry Lists

Our Annual Top Lists - Top 100 For-Hire Carriers, Top 100 Private Carriers, Top 100 Logistics Companies, and Top 50 Global Freight Companies - feature overviews of the most successful companies in trucking and deep dives into the annual trends that breed success.

Calibrate & iTECH Magazines

Calibrate and iTECH are special supplements that offer subscribers deeper insight into integral parts of the industry. Each issue of Calibrate centers around current topics in equipment and maintenance, while iTECH dives into the latest technology and innovation news.

Podcasts & Bonus Content

RoadSigns is a podcast about the trends and technologies shaping trucking’s future, hosted by TT reporters Seth Clevenger and Michael Freeze. New, extended cuts of each episode are available with bonus questions and expert answers.

Exclusive Events

The Transport Topics Magazine Event Series hosts quarterly virtual events full of educational sessions led by our editorial staff with insightful content relevant to tech and maintenance executives.

TT Newsmakers is a digital interview series hosted by TT Senior Reporter Dan Ronan featuring industry leaders across regulatory, business, and economic landscapes.